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Frequently asked questions

  • Where can I find deals around me?

    DEALS can be found once you scroll down in the index/home page of the app/website under the section ‘Current Available Deals’

  • How can I BLOCK(Book) an item ?

    You can BLOCK(Book) a particular item (after signing in) by pressing the ‘BLOCK’ button and a popup would come where in you can select the required quantity and press the ‘CONFIRM’ button

  • Where Can I find my BLOCKED(booked) items?

    You can find the Blocked/Booked items in the ‘MY BLOCK HISTORY’ page.

  • How can I BUY a particular item with the offer mentioned on the screen?

    Select a particular product with LIVE offer . Select the required quantity. Press the BLOCK button . Press the CONFIRM button.Press the Call button to know current stock availability and to get confirmation on your order. Your BLOCKID will be generated and it can be seen in the right side drop down menu in the ‘My Block History’ page. Rush to the shop, show your LHD BlockiD at the shop to avail the discount. Collect it from the shop and make the payment(with discounted rate) at the shop.

  • What should I do after Blocking(Booking) an item?

    After Blocking or booking an item/service you should rush to the store to collect the item/service from the respective store/enterprise at the earliest, as items/service are available on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVED basis. Before reaching the store you can call the store to know about the current stock availability.

  • Why should I Block the item through LastHourDeal ?

    You should Block a product through website/app because it makes sense and more value for the money you spend by buying the product on a discounted rate.

  • How can I find offers located near me?

    You can find offers near you - in App goto 'Location' icon --> select ‘My location’(It will atuomataically detect your location) or select 'Enter city/Location' (enter the location in the specified area). In website ---> You can click on 'change' near the current city area or by clicking 'change' near ‘k.m.radius’area which is placed below the home page banner and above the ‘Current Available Deals’ portion.

  • Is responsible for the quality and quantity of the products/service displayed ?

    No. In this platform stores/service providers directly post their items and provide offers as and when required by them, LastHourDeal is in no way responsible for the offers or availability of products/service listed in the app/website.

  • Can anyone sell their product in this platform?

    If you have a business/enterprise you can post your products in LastHourDeal website/app as long as the business is an legitimate business and approved by local government authorities and law system.

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LAST HOUR DEAL is a technology based platform which acts as an intermediary service between stores and consumers, so that stores can dispose their excess stock/unutilised resources on a daily basis. This acts as a platform for customers to find mind blowing deals around for a particular time frame.They can block a particular quantity and collect it from the respective store.

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